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Considering the advancement in technology solutions, the most reliable technology can go wrong and cause disruption to business. We value our customer operations and realize that it is crucial any disruption is minimal and issues are rectified quickly and evaluated to prevent further occurrence. We remain fully committed to achieving determined goals and facing the challenges of complex technology integrations. We are able to offer professional IT services, such as data migration, cloud solutions, app development, and graphic design, to support business growth, IT process, mobile applications, and website solutions and many more.

What we do

The aim to build business not just your product

IT Consulting

● We deliver technology-based guidance and advice as it relates to the modernization and optimization of existing methodologies. In collaboration with our clients and partners, we help define the project strategy and roadmap, clarify requirements, and prepare the required documentation to ensure achieved expectations and overall efficiency. IT Services

● AmaraTech IT Solutions strives to bring the productive power of IT consulting and service solutions into businesses’ operations by systematically applying our digital, cloud, communication, and cognitive technologies that are customized to fit client needs.

Cloud Solutions

● Using networking, on-demand services, storage applications, and other resources accessed via the internet and provider cloud computing infrastructures, we are able to improve clients’ speed, reliability, security, scalability, and productivity. With cloud services, processes can be automated, flexible, collaborative, and integrated into applications to ensure best practices.

Digital Services

● AmaraTech IT is a client-centric team of professionals with a passion for creating, enhancing, and managing amazingly responsive websites and digital experiences. We combine powerful technologies, stunning visuals, and innovative strategies to tell the organization’s story while delivering data-driven results. Our relationships are built on regular communication, measurement, and reporting, ensuring consistent performance improvement.


● We acquire software and or hardware and other assets to drive organizational goals and efficiency by liaising on clients’ behalf as a vendor partner; subsequently, improving collaboration, communication, and productivity amongst staff, partners, and stakeholders. We facilitate the acquisition of products and services, making certain that clients have all the necessary products and services available to meet and exceed company expected outcomes.

Point-of-Sale Systems

● POS Systems serve as the central component of most businesses -- it is the “hub” for all business transactions, inventory, and customer management. Our POS System options are geared to providing clients more access to better control of business and informed decision-making. Our objective is to help customers to be more successful and efficient in their businesses through smart terminals, peripherals, services, and solutions that are scalable and save time while managing needs effectively.

You Can Rely On Us!

Work with like-minded top performers

High Quality Standards
Our consultants work closely with businesses by fully developing their capabilities to produce results that create the greatest value, helping them make strategic technological decisions. We execute using evidence-based processes, including but no limited to customer-focus,
Leading Experts
Our Sector experience offers compressive in-depth analysis of your business, its customer, and everything in between. With this you will gain a better understanding of your business as a whole, where it is lacking, where it is strong, and practical steps to take your business forward.Our team of experts are constantly researching changes in protocol and functionality and updating their approach accordingly.
Delivering Results
Our dedicated professionals will collaborate with you and discuss how to deliver a better return on IT investments, streamlining business processes and workflows for improved operations.

AmaraTech Pillars

Vision:  AmaraTech’s focus is to determine the best possible strategies that will enable businesses to create the greatest long-term value, incorporating advanced technologies while increasing access to supportive resources.

Virtue and Talents:  AmaraTech only hires talent with passion, integrity, values, skills, and the ambition that takes project outcomes from great to amazing.

Knowledge Processes:  Creating, acquiring, sharing, and applying relevant knowledge while measuring and tracking profitability of proposed or deployed solutions.

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