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AmaraTech IT Solutions is driven by a fervent commitment to offer entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide access to remarkably effective and efficient solutions meticulously crafted to address their unique needs. Rooted in pioneering IT business strategies and cutting-edge technologies, AmaraTech is a forward-looking service with a business-oriented focus. Our extensive array of offerings encompasses technology consultancy, Cybersecurity services and data migration. We cater to clients spanning diverse industries, harnessing technology to amplify outcomes.

We foster close collaborations with our clients, guiding them on the strategic utilization of Information Technology to enhance operational efficiency, achieve objectives, and surpass expectations.

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Delivering High-Quality Solutions.


Dedicated to Customer Service Excellence

We are committed to fostering and nurturing strategic partnerships with our valued customers and industry peers. Our passionate team places unwavering emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service. As a part of our commitment, we provide comprehensive customer training programs in conjunction with all our offerings. These programs are supplemented by systematic follow-ups and refresher training to ensure enduring value and proficiency.


Outcome-Driven Approach

AmaraTech Consultants assures clients of peace of mind by embodying a vendor that operates strategically in tandem with other organizations. We provide not only quality products but also bolster them with premium service and support, consistently delivering on our committed pledges. Our business stands as a definitive and viable alternative within our target markets, diverging from the price-driven sales practices to which they are accustomed.


Proactively Engage

We collaborate with businesses to cultivate and deliver top-tier, cost-effective IT professional services that cater to and align with the ever-evolving demands of today's technological landscape.


Fostering Cooperation

Through forging strategic alliances with both local and international IT Industry Value-Added Resellers, our objective is to narrow the divide between businesses and technology that might otherwise be financially unattainable. In doing so, we aim to craft innovative IT services that prioritize small businesses, creating a platform of support and initiative.




Unlock Your Business Potential with AmaraTech IT - Verified by American Contract Vehicles. Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge IT solutions and trusted expertise. Maximize efficiency and security today!

What sets us apart? Our prestigious status as a verified vendor with American Contract Vehicles, ensuring our clients that they are partnering with a reliable and trustworthy IT provider. This esteemed certification reflects our adherence to stringent quality standards and the highest levels of professional integrity.

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IT Services & Support For Business.


AmaraTech is dedicated to identifying optimal strategies that empower businesses to foster enduring value. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies and expanding access to invaluable resources.

Ethical Excellence and Expertise

AmaraTech exclusively recruits individuals who embody passion, integrity, core values, exceptional skills, and the determination to elevate project outcomes from mere greatness to sheer excellence.

Knowledge Methodology

Our approach entails the cultivation, acquisition, dissemination, and application of pertinent knowledge. We measure and track the profitability of both proposed and implemented solutions, ensuring a holistic understanding of their impact.


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Meet Our
Board Members.

Morris Jones
Board Member
Morris Jones is a MBA graduate of the George Washington University School of business. He brings with him a 40 year career in business operations/portfolio management, wireless systems engineering and core infrastructure networking. He has held portfolio leadership within a major US wireless network technology/infrastructure provider company. As an integral part of strategy development, operations progress/performance reporting, and profitability he helped maintain a top 5 market share position within the US market.
In addition to his corporate role as a North American portfolio leader, Morris brings with him expertise in Information Technology portfolio/program/project management and support in government. He has led and supported Cybersecurity initiatives, cloud and hybrid hosting solutions at the US House of Representatives, Health And Human Services(HHS), and the World Bank Group (IBRD, IDA, IFC, MIGA, ICSID).
Mike Major
Board Member
Mike grew up in a diverse area and learned the importance of communication in bridging cultural gaps. By prioritizing personal interactions and adaptability in his development, Mike demonstrated his worth as an asset. He effectively collaborated with individuals of varying personalities and learning styles. Mike has a strong educational background from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and has accumulated 10 years of professional experience in technology. Mike is an experienced technical professional with a background in Technical and Production Support, Managed Services, DevOps, and Senior Azure Infrastructure Engineering.
At AmaraTech IT, he supports Azure cloud offerings to enhance client productivity and implementation. Mike is committed to community-based work, especially in the tech industry. He's the President of All Liberian Network, a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for disadvantaged members of his community. When he isn't working, Mike spends his time with his family and friends, watches movies, works out, and watches sports as he is a big football and basketball fan.