//Corporate Training


Recent advances in technology are changing how we live, communicate, and do business, disrupting traditional industries, and redefining the employee/employer relationship. Millions of routine and low-skill jobs will be eliminated by automation, AI, and digital hyper-connectivity. AmaraTech Corporate Training Solutions provides your organization with the ability to successfully manage these new technologies and create a team that understands how best to work with each other and with customers to drive organizational success.

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Soft Skills

At AmaraTech our consultants provide soft skills training to small medium size businesses to assist staff in the development of interpersonal, communication, and behavioral skills that are essential for success in the corporate workplace and in various aspects of life. Soft skills are highly valuable as they contribute to personal and professional growth, teamwork, and effective communication.

//Cyber Security Awareness Training

Overview of Cyber Security Awareness Courses.

Our Cybersecurity awareness courses cater to a wide range of audiences, including employees, students, executives, small business owners, and the public. Cybersecurity awareness play a vital role in building a cybersecurity-awareness culture within organizations and empowering individuals to protect themselves in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. These courses are essential components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

What is Cyber Security Awareness?

Our cybersecurity awareness provides organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves, their data, and their systems from cyber threats.

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Understanding Cyber Threats
Recognizing Risks
Security Best Practices

How Can Cyber Security Awareness Training Help Your Career?

Cybersecurity awareness training is a valuable investment for organizations, regardless of your field or industry. It provides you with essential skills and knowledge, enhances your marketability, and positions you as a responsible and security-conscious professional. As cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for organizations, the demand for individuals with cybersecurity awareness and expertise is likely to grow, creating ample career opportunities and advancement possibilities.