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Our solutions empower customers with demonstrated and smart protection across the increasing attack surface in networked, application, cloud, or mobile environments.

You want to reduce risks, optimize delivery, and speed up your digital transformation. But exerienced and qualified Cloud experts are thin on the ground.This can be frustrating, especially when cyber threats don't stand still and become more frequent and sophisticated. We can help you.

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Take your security to the next level and understand our approach to security reviews.

01 Assess your security.

Whether you’re in the cloud yet or not, the only way to start is by assessing your current state

02 Identify vulnerabilities.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. And you won’t know what that is without an audit.

03 Build an action plan.

Our security deployments are built on automation. They’re carefully prioritized for maximum impact and speed.

04 Empower yourself.

We’ll show you how to monitor security moving forward, so you can remain in control.

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Cyber Security

Discover how to get the protection you expect. Propel your business with AmaraTech IT.

Protection against threats is complicated. We can help you simplify it.

Know which policies, best practices and technologies you need to put in place to ensure cloud resources remain secure against internal and external threats.

  • Verify the identity with strong authentication.
  • Ensure access is compliant and typical for that identity
  • Follows least privilege access principles.

Optimize security operations

We pride ourselves on working together with our customers as partners. Benefit from collaboration and a collective effort with our Cloud consultants and experts as an extension of your team.

  • Monitor your network with less time knowing is secured.
  • Scale security with growth
  • Establish a secure foundation
  • Increase resources and let your team focus on work
  • Reduce costs as you reduce the risk of threats

IT Security Assessment

Discover Evidence of a Breach Before It Impacts Your Business

We will help you identify both internal and external threats; evaluate their potential impact on things like data availability, confidentiality and integrity; and estimate the costs of suffering a cybersecurity incident.

01 Assess your security.

Whether you’re in the cloud yet or not, the only way to start is by assessing your current state

02 Identify vulnerabilities.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. And you won’t know what that is without an audit.

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Managed Security Services

During a time where attackers are becoming more sophisticated and performing these attacks on a regular basis, it is imperative that organizations establish and maintain an information security program that allows them more flexibility on when and how often they can assess their environments.

In a time where news of data breaches are becoming “the new normal,” the need for organizations to evaluate their overall risk and avoid becoming the next victim has become critical. Organizations simply can’t protect themselves from risks they’re unaware of. Additionally, many organizations are simply unsure where to start.

Get cybersecurity delivered as a service with 24/7 ransomware and breach prevention services.

Reduce the risks and costs associated with security incidents and data breaches.

You want to reduce risks, optimize delivery costs, and speed up your digital transformation. But experienced and qualified Cloud experts are thin on the ground. This can be frustrating, especially when cyber threats don’t stand still and become more frequent and sophisticated.

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Penetration Testing

As small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) embrace new technological developments like the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT), they often overlook the security implications of digital transformation. This leaves many organizations vulnerable to cyber theft, scams, extortion, and countless other cyber crimes. As a result, two in three SMBs suffered a security breach in the last year and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and damaging. With the average cost per incident exceeding $380,000 as it is, a single security breach can be detrimental to a small firm. It is, therefore, vital that SMBs begin prioritizing cyber security.

Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Test

A vulnerability assessment essentially just tells the customer that the door is unlocked; however, a penetration test actually tells the customer that, because the door is unlocked, we found an unlocked safe, unsecured jewelry, credit cards, and social security numbers laying around on the bed. It also explains how you could secure the door next time, how to protect the confidential data laying around on the bed, and then some.

Vulnerability Assessments: With vulnerabilities found in exposed end points we’ll launch automated attacks against those endpoints and provide associated reports detailing the attack kill chain used to gain access to systems.

Penetration Testing: Our penetration testing platform is design to build an attack profile on your infrastructure, once we’ve identified targets the system will begin executing automated attacks on the exposed endpoints, constantly updating the attack profile based on new vulnerabilities as they are identified in the wild and our tools are updated.

Continuous Attack Surface Enumeration (CASE): We will continue to monitor and report on exposed endpoints of your infrastructure providing you visibility into what’s exposed publicly

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Incident Response / Ransomware Recovery: Our incident response team can act quickly in response to a breach, providing valuable information and resources to lock out the attacker and your infrastructure.

Threat Hunting: Our team will review logs periodically to look for indicators of compromise to determine if there’s been a breach. Building detections based on log data and samples collected from our EDR platform. we do dark Web Monitoring to review underground forums where threat actors collaborate, communicate, and plan cyber attacks.

Program Development Consulting: Identification of criteria for assessing whether the Cybersecurity risk management program controls are effective

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Run a penetration test on your schedule: We offer scheduling flexibility. Let us know what day and time you'd like us to perform your penetration test and we can get it scheduled immediately with no delays.

Real-time Notifications: Notifications are always sent out when the penetration test starts and stops, keeping important individuals in the know as to when things are going on. This is also helpful in case there are some alerts that get triggered.

Reports that Drive Results: The data provided in the reports will always be very informative. How these risks affect your organization, where your organization stands compared to its peers, how this compares to the last assessment, etc. are all examples of data that are included in each report.

Affordability: Our pricing is very competitive when compared to traditional penetration testing firms but provides a lot more value for the same or smaller price point.

Transparency at Your Fingertips: Your IT team can always log into their portal to get a list of contacts involved in the project, communicate with our consultant, as well as get a progress update that provides preliminary results and expected completion dates.

Reduce Turnaround Time for Detection and Response: Because all activities are tracked, including any manual activities conducted by a consultant, organizations can download this activity log and correlate activities with their SIEM and incident response procedures. This is extremely useful in helping organizations make adjustments and tweak their controls, reducing the turnaround time for detection and response.

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Cloud Email Security

Our flexible approach to cybersecurity deployment and management means optimizing security, keeping data secure and private while blocking active threats are goals you can easily achieve.

Protect your organization against spam, malware, phishing, and social engineering attacks.

Delivered through the Sophos Central management console, our cloud-based email gateway protects your business against malicious email threats. It also provides phishing simulations and security awareness training to help you build a strong security culture across your organization.

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