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About Diaspora Engagement.

At AmaraTech IT we aim to promote a Diaspora engagement that would serve as a liaison between the African community, people of African descent to provide opportunities and resources effectively meet the technological needs and concerns of the Africans living and/or working in the United states and on the African Continent. We have begun this work in Liberia and will expand to countries across the continent. We partner with other organizations such as All Liberian Network and African Diaspora Affairs of Anne Arundel County to create a platform that promotes technological solutions aimed at gaining competitive advantage for businesses and governments in Africa and diaspora engagement activities.

Our Vision

To create an eco-system of talents and nurture and inspire tomorrow's leaders and to support a more inclusive and stimulating environment through creative use of current and emerging technologies.

Our Mission

To inspire socially disadvantaged people to improve the quality of their lives and environment through the benefits of IT, innovative IT business strategies and advanced technologies tailored to entrepreneurs.

Our Core Values

Equality: that people, whatever their background, are treated equally, and without prejudice.

Fairness: that the people we aim to serve have the opportunity and the right for an equal and fair service to meet their needs.

Culturally Competent: Pride in offering culturally competent services, prioritizing the cultural needs of a diverse.

Community Impact: the organization provides education and internship opportunities, donation services, and other training sessions.

//Engagement Strategies

AmaraTech Diaspora Engagement Strategies.

We would serve as a catalyst for positive change and development in Liberia & African Countries, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies and tools to harness this potential effectively.

What We Do.

See Africans in the diaspora as one of Africa's greatest offshore assets due to its ability to bring financial resources and skills back to their home communities.

Develop programs and resources to educate both the diaspora communities and the wider public about the history, contributions, and challenges faced by Liberians and the African diaspora populations.

Promoting entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and economic opportunities within the diaspora community.

We acknowledge that more needs to be done to make information, resources, and opportunities accessible to diaspora members and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) from home countries seeking to engage with diaspora markets.

Using a holistic and integrated approach, involving practical steps to create an ecosystem where both diaspora members and entrepreneurs from their respective countries can benefit.

Empowering Africans in the diaspora's communities and Individuals back home to fully participate in the digital age through a web development portal, to address educational disparities, promoting economic growth, and enhancing access to information and services for all Africans. The platform aims to connect diaspora investors, entrepreneurs, development partners, NGOs, and the private sector to facilitate investments and trade.

Our Unique diaspora engagement goes beyond investment and trade, encompassing areas such as education, healthcare, volunteerism, and social enterprises.

Our organization would drive traffic and usage of the digital tool (the web Development portal) to encourage concrete action and engagement within the diaspora community.

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